New York, NY
In 1989, at the age of nine, GENCADE
(GENuinely, Creatively, Achieving, Dreams, Everyday). was holding hair brushes, rapping in the mirror,
dreaming of one day performing for the world.

Citing the influences of his favorite rapper Big L, as well as being
a fan of Big Pun, Mase, Jadakiss, Big Daddy Kane, Jay Z and Eminem, GENCADE officially embarked
on his journey when he began to take the craft seriously after a
chance meeting with Wyclef Jean in traffic. Literally. Seeing Wyclef
at a stoplight, GENCADE was confident enough to demonstrate his skill
and had skill enough to not only get Wyclef’s attention but also score
an open invite to his studio. At that time Wyclef was already occupied
with multiple projects, including City High, so GENCADE knew he had to
spread his wings and continue on his path.

Soon fate would again step in with another opportunity when GENCADE
met the legendary Jam Master Jay in a jewelry store. After
displaying his style for JMJ, GENCADE found himself building a
creative relationship with an icon only to be thrust back out on his
own upon the tragic and untimely murder of Jam Master J. However, the flow he
displayed for Jay garnered the interest of a financial backer, and
GENCADE soon learned the meaning of the phrase “never look a gift
horse in the mouth”. Accepting that he would have back his own vision
in order to manifest his destiny, GENCADE was again back on his own
and back on his grind.

Determined that the world would hear his efforts in 2003, he collected
instrumentals and original beats from various outlets and made several mixtapes he gave out to anyone who would take them.
Eventually in 2011 he released “Student of the Game”, a mixtape he distributed through outlets such as datpiff.
GENCADE discovered that throughout his musical odyssey he had matured
and grown, and became his own artist as well as his own man in the
process. Realizing that he wanted to be true to himself and his
reality, he’s drawn upon all of these experiences to produce a wisdom
that would make itself apparent in his music.

His debut, full-length project titled “One Life To Live” speaks to these
lessons and imparts the knowledge gained from them. It is a
culmination of the travels from boy to young man to true Hip Hop
Artist. Creating his own imprint, Berenstein Recordings, he’s taken
the next step to become business man in addition to artist and ensure
that his music maintains its legacy and place in the history of Hip
Hop. So stay tuned, pay attention because GENCADE is an artist that
refuses to be limited and plans to continue GENuinely Creatively
Achieving Dreams Everyday!